Mel Thomas & Associates

Committed to the pursuit of excellence through people


“Finding fault is backward looking. Taking responsibility is forward looking. Fixating on blame delays finding a solution”

Who are we?

We are an organisation committed to the pursuit of excellence through people. We provide Human Resource Development at Organisational, Group and Individual levels. We specialise in Mediation (Organisational and Community), Mediator Training, Management Training, Coaching and Counselling and OD work

Who are our facilitators?

Founded over 25 years ago by Mel Thomas one of the leading UK Mediators, Mediator Trainer, Management Consultant, Trainer, Psychotherapist and Coach. All our facilitators are chosen for their expertise in their field. As well as having well researched and up to date knowledge all our Facilitators have vast practical experience and really do understand what organisations and our partners require.

Who do we work with?

No organisation is too small or large. We have worked with a vast array of individuals, groups and organisations from all walks of life and sectors; profit, not for profit, private and public. Where people value excellence we will deliver.

What can we do for you?

Our philosophy is  “living for the solution, not the problem”. We ask what would make it right not what’s wrong, we ask what’s acceptable not what’s unacceptable and we ask what works not what doesn’t. With that in mind we have a very strong business focus. Whether we work on a one to one basis or organisation wide, we aim to increase output or decrease cost for you, our client.

What do we provide?

If you need it we will source it for you. On the following pages are examples of what we’ve been asked to provide. We firmly believe that every organisation, group and individual are unique and should be treated so. With that in mind our interventions are customised to meet your exact requirements.




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Some of Our Services

  • Mediation
  • Mediator Training
  • Handling Conflict Through Mediation
  • Stress Audits
  • Appraisal Design
  • Performance Management
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Coaching

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