"I'm OK, You're OK"



 In today's culture, aggression is seen as a valuable behavioural trait. Aggression can produce short-term success but in the longer term aggressive individuals tend to generate conflict, break down good will and damage relationships. Alternatively when an individual behaves passively they tend to avoid conflict and please others. But this to has its effects; on the person, on other people and the organisation.

Assertive behaviour is that which clearly conveys what you want, whilst at the same time recognising and respecting the rights of others. assertive individuals will in the long term achieve much more than either the passive or the aggressive. Effective individuals understand the value of assertiveness and are able to apply the skills and attitudes that gain results.


 This course aims to assist people to handle and deal with awkward situations in direct, open and honest ways thus enabling them to achieve what they want, whilst allowing others to achieve what they want.


 By the end of the course by means of:

  • Analysing your behaviour and relationships
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Expressing your views and feelings

You will demonstrate that you are able to:

  •  Recognise aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour modes
  •  Identify why you and others adopt each of the different modes
  •  Adapt your behaviour mode to satisfy your needs and those of others (i.e. in conflict situations, saying no, handling put downs)

Target group

 If you have to deal with other people as part of your job, then this course is for you. it does not matter if you are a man or a woman just as long as your work brings you into contact with other people. so whatever your position in the organisation you will find this course useful

Methods of Learning  

A variety of learning methods will be used, although it must be stressed that assertiveness is very much an experiential learning exercise, that is learning from others and ourselves. Other methods include:

  • Direct tutor input
  • Group discussions
  • Practical exercises
  • Role plays (NB - nobody will be forced into this - it will remain voluntary)


 2 days