Counselling Skills

"Listening is an art that requires attention over talent, spirit over ego, others over self".


Counselling Skills


True listening is a skill very rarely practiced in everyday communication. Most of us spend our time not listening, or distracting ourselves in a myriad of ways from what the other person is saying.

The term “active listening” refers to a fundamental set of attitudes and skills that can enable us to hear accurately and to share this understanding with the other person. If we can do this then we are well on our way to helping others to understand and help themselves.

This course is primarily designed to introduce people to these skills in the support of others. The course adopts a very practical way to learning and invites involvement and participation from participants in a series of experiential exercises.


 By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • Established the skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary for active listening
  • Created the boundaries necessary in which to conduct such a process
  • Identified other forms of help and advice available to people
  • Practiced the skills, displayed the behaviours and listed the knowledge involved in the Counselling relationship

Target Group

 All staff but especially those with management responsibility


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Understanding Boundaries
  • How doers Counselling differ form other helping activities - The range of helping Skills
  • The Skills, behaviours and knowledge required
  • The Principles of Counselling
  • A Model of Counselling – the 4 Stage Model
  • Skills Practice
  • Review and Closure


 2 days