Facilitation skills

"When I give up trying to impress the group, I become impressive. Let go in order to achieve. The wise facilitator speaks rarely and briefly, teaching more through being than doing".

Facilitation Skills


 Have you ever been involved with a group or in a meeting where:

  •  The group is not quite sure how to tackle an issue?
  •  The convenor of the group is not perceived to be neutral
  • The group has an inability to solve problems or make decisions?
  • There is inequality in individual contribution?
  • There is unhealthy conflict between members?

If so then this is where facilitation comes in. Facilitation is about context, how you do something rather than about what you need to do, content. A Facilitator is a process guide, someone who makes things easier and more convenient.

It is the body of expertise associated with cooperation and collaboration amongst equals and is concerned with ways of ensuring that everyone in a group, can, if they wish, fully participate in decisions that affect them

Target Group

 This course is designed for anyone who has to facilitate groups, meetings, disputes, negotiations, difficult conversations between people within organisations or within the community


 What is facilitation?

Stages of running event as a facilitator

Contrasting facilitation with other roles

Active listening

Effective questonning

Observation and recording

Facilitating discussions

Understanding groups

Intervention Skills

Facilitation a Feedback session


2 days