Managers Guide to Stress

"A diamond is a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well'.


“A Managers Guide to Combating Stress”


 “Stress” a six-letter word that has found a firm place in modern language. One conservative estimate has put the cost to British industry at £26 billion a year in terms of lost hours, accidents and sub standard work (NB - One recent organisation we worked with, employing 950 people, found that the cost of direct stress, classified as shingles, stress, depression, anxiety, blood pressure, migraines) to be in excess of £165,000 in net sick pay, indirect (i.e. the effect not the symptom) to be in excess of £190,000, a total of £355,000 a year.

 Whatever the figures, it is clear that excessive stress represents a colossal waste of time, money and effort and every means of countering it deserves the most serious attention, not least because of the liability facing employers:

  Ballantyne    v          South Lanarkshire Council                      £66,000

 Walker          v           Northumberland County Council          £175,000

 Lancaster     v            Birmingham City Council                         £67,000


 There is an old Chinese proverb that says:

“ In order to fight the battle we first have to know who the enemy is”

 This course aims to de-mystify the world of stress. It aims to equip managers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to combat this ever increasing phenomena of working life.



By the end of the course you will be able to: -

  • Understand the effects of stress on the Organisation, team and individual
  • Recognise the symptoms and causes of stress (risk assessment)
  •  Identify and choose a range of methods to manage organisational, team and individual stress
  •  Build appropriate support systems for managers to prevent and counteract the effects of stress

Description of Course Content

 The course will be essentially participative but does operate from a well researched and up to date theoretical background. It uses participants’ experiences of the organisation as a tool for learning and examination and looks for techniques to make the Organisation, Team and Individual more effective.


 Definitions of Stress

 What is stress?

Cause and effect ?

Physiological effects if stress

Psychological effects of stress

Recognising Stress and its causes

Life events and effects

Personality types

Locus of control

Coping with life stress

Social support networks

Vulnerability profile


Recognising Stress in the Workplace - Organisational and Team

Symptoms and Causes

 Stress Audits

 Risk assessments

Stress related illnesses

·Sickness monitoring

Leadership style and culture

Setting up Stress Working Groups

 Work Hazards and Stress

 Physical Hazards

Working Conditions

 Violence and Aggression

Career Development

 Interpersonal Relationships

Effective Stress Management Strategies

 Organisational Policies to Combat Stress

Introducing Wellness Programmes

Employee Assistance Programmes

Positive Action Training

Staff Development Reviews


Stress Mapping

Conflict resolution strategies


Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Interventions

  • Primary Intervention - Preventative Action
  • Secondary Intervention - Prompt Detection and Management
  •  Tertiary Intervention - Rehabilitation and Recovery

Employers liability

  • Health and Safety Executive Guidelines for Stress at Work
  • The legal position and Employers Liability


 2 days

the tutor will also be available after. to discuss any issues that participants wish to talk about in private

Telephone Link Line

 As part of the service there is a free telephone link line for participants to call.